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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held  at the
Victory Hall, Mobberley

Liz & Martin Brigford, Mike & Carole Brown, Sandra Carlisle, Jill & Peter Chapman, Joan Goostrey, Doreen Hastie, Harold & Barbara Horry, Patrick & Mrs. McKenzie, Jamie Macrae, William & Mrs. Macrae, Ann Mindelsohn, Berry Northen, John & Stephanie Oates, Pamela Record, Sue & Phil Roberts, Mary & David Shaw, Maria Shepherd, Andrew Spark
The minutes of the meeting held on 8th October 2004 were accepted as a correct record of the proceedings and

Proposed by Mr. Terry Mitchell
Seconded by Mrs. Sue Smith

Before the Chair presented her annual report she took a moment to remember three long-term members of the MVS - Mark Carlisle, Les Goostrey and Miles Milling, all of who had sadly passed away during the year. Miles, of course, did a fine job when he was chairman of the MVS during the "campaign against runway 2" years.

The Chairman proceeded to remind the members of our accomplishments during the year, namely the winner of the BEST KEPT RAILWAY STATION, for which we received a maroon coloured replica station sign, which has been placed above the waiting room entrance. The Autumn Walk was very well attended, as was the Quiz Night but the Treasure Hunt walk was not held this year as litter picking took priority. The Chairman thanked all those who turned up to help. We raised over 900 with the Open Garden Day event this year despite torrential rain forcing everyone indoors. She thanked those who people who opened their gardens.
With the funds raised from these events we have been able to carry out and plan various projects. The clean up of the railway station was our first project and then providing new curtains and cutlery for the Victory Hall. At present we are making arrangements to have the garden at the front of the hall re-landscaped to incorporate a tree in memory of Justin Mindelsohn. We are also making a donation to the Friends of St. Wilfrids to go towards the cost of a disabled parking space for anyone visiting the Parish graveyard. By the end of the year the Mobberley Coat of Arms will be installed at Beech Hill and we have a computerized image for anyone who wishes to look at it later. We are also looking at replacing and repairing some of Mobberley's Cheshire railings in conjunction with Cheshire County Council.

The Mallory Memorial is still ongoing but we will, obviously have to wait until the Town Lane land is nearer completion. The money is still earmarked for this. Rick Ellison has already spoken with Chris Bonnington who has said that, as a past resident of Mobberley, he would be both delighted and honoured to unveil the memorial.

The Chairman ended by thanking all the Committee members who give up many hours of their time to make Mobberley a better place for us all to live.

Copies of the accounts were handed out at the meeting. The treasurer reported that the Open Garden Day and Quiz Night had been very successful, the Mobberley Book had been quite expensive to produce but had been justified by the amount of sales and the CD has also sold well. The cost of die gazebo has nearly been recovered renting it out. The Treasurer was willing to talk and answer questions about the accounts after the meeting.
The balance sheet was
Proposed by Barbara Cooper
Seconded by Jim Shepherd

Nominations were asked for and the following nominees agreed to stand again
Sue Albourtany Chairman
David Redclift Treasurer
Annette Spark Secretary
Proposed by Ann Milling
Seconded by Carol Kerr
that the nominees be elected en-block. This was approved by the meeting.

The nominations for committee members were given as follows:
Gary Baron, Penny Braham, Barbara Cooper, Rick Ellison, Jamie Macrae, Christopher
Mitchell, Terry Mitchell, Fiona Redclift.
Proposed by John Cottrill
Seconded by Bridget Knight
that the nominees be elected en-block. This was approved by the meeting.

The committee had concluded during the year that subscriptions should stay at 5.00 per
household. Those present agreed.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: Parish Land on Town Lane.
Jim Shepherd was asked to give an update, the main points being that the laying of
the footpaths was stalled until planning applications had been approved but as the
planning application fee is 1200, the parish council are waiting until they can afford
to do the whole site at once. There will be 5500 metres of footpath, half of which will
be suitable for the disabled.
The meeting was closed, refreshments were offered and a talk by Jean Milton from the Museum of Science and Industry was to follow. There were 49 people in attendance

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