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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 6th October 2006 at the Victory Hall, Mobberley.

APOLOGIES: John Braham, Carole Brown, Pauline & Martin Hoult, Dr. Kennon, Lynda Mitchell, Jim & Maria Shepherd.

There were 51 people present.


The minutes of the meeting held on 21st October 2005 were accepted as a correct record of the proceedings.  They were
Proposed by Ms Bridget Knight
Seconded by Mrs Ann Milling

The Chairman welcomed those present to the 31st AGM of the Village Society and also welcomed the speaker for the evening Mr. Anthony Gaddum, whose family lived in Davenport Lane for many years.   She then reminded the meeting of our achievements during the year, which include, the erection of the Mobberley Coat of Arms on Beech Hill, winning an award for a “Well Kept Railway Station” for which the Parish Council received a cheque for 100 after work to improve the station was undertaken by the Village Society, the donation of 1000 to the Fabrics Committee of St. Wilfrid’s Church to supply lighting in the Nave and replacement Cheshire railings at the corner of Smith Lane and Broad Oak Lane by obtaining matched funding from Cheshire and Macclesfield Councils at a total cost of 8000.  The Village Society hope to continue to replace and repair Cheshire railings on a yearly basis, providing matched funding can be found.  Most of this money was raised from our two yearly fund raising events of the Open Garden Day and Quiz Night and thanks were given to all those who support these two events.  The annual Autumn Walk was well attended this year.

The chairman reminded people of the forthcoming quiz night and thanking all her committee members for their support and hard work during the year and for giving up so much of their valuable time. They not only work well together as a team, but have also become good friends.

Before she handed over to David  Redclift, the Treasurer, she informed the meeting that he is stepping down as Treasurer but has been persuaded to stay on as a valuable committee member.  She thanked him, on behalf of all the committee, for all his hard work and effort over the years.

TREASURER’S REPORT (Copy of accounts attached to minutes)
Copies of the accounts were handed out at the meeting.  The treasurer discussed in detail a few items, which he thought worth mentioning from the accounts and said he would be available after the meeting if anyone had any queries and everything is available for perusal.
Proposed by Terry Mitchell
Seconded by Barbara Cooper

Nominations were asked for and the following nominees agreed to stand again

Sue Albourtany   Chairman
Gary Baron    Treasurer

Annette Spark   Secretary

Proposed by Bridget Knight
Seconded by Jamie Macrae

that the nominees be elected en-block.  This was approved by the meeting.

The nominations for committee members were given as follows:

Penny Braham, Barbara Cooper, Rick Ellison, Jamie Macrae, Christopher Mitchell, Terry Mitchell, David Redclift, Fiona Redclift.

Proposed by Andrew Spark
Seconded by Liz Bridgford

that the nominees be elected en-block.  This was approved by the meeting.

The committee had concluded during the year that subscriptions should stay at 5.00 per household.  Those present agreed.


Parish Plan
Gary Baron wanted to say a few words about the Parish Plan.  He explained that the concept is very vague but as he had talked to people who are involved with parish planning he had come to realize that having a Parish Plan is very important to the community.  It has to be the community as a whole who form and submit this plan therefore a cross section of the parish should be represented on the committee who eventually form the Mobberley plan.  So far Gary is the only person to volunteer.

Cheshire County Council are planning an open meeting and will give a resume of what is involved.  Gary said that it is not really MVS business but he felt it was important enough to mention at this AGM He emphasized that a document is important to sort out what local people want and need as protection from an un-elected regional assembly.

The meeting was closed, refreshments were offered and Mr. Anthony Gaddum, whose family lived at Beech Tree House in Davenport Lane from the 1930s for over 40 years, was introduced to talk about life in Mobberley during those interesting years.


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