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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 25th October 2007 at the Victory Hall, Mobberley.


1. APOLOGIES: Liz & Martin Bridgford, Carol & Mike Brown, Alice Butt, Judy Drake, Barbara & Harold Horry, Pauline & Martin Hoult, Bill Leech, William and Margaret Macrae, Ann Milling, Lynda Mitchell, David & Fiona Redclift, Sue & Phil Roberts, Pam Taylor.

There were 45 people present.

2. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS A.G.M. held on the 6th October 2006 were accepted as a correct record of the proceedings. The minutes were Proposed by Barbara Cooper, Seconded by Bridget Knight


The chairman gave a brief summary of the events throughout the year, in particular winning ”The Tidiest Railway Station” for which thanks were due to committee members and one or two parishioners (in particular Alistair McCleod) who regularly weeds and tidies the platform borders. Of course, it doesn't end there, we have to continue to maintain this high standard to which end we have dug over the borders, swept the paths, cleaned the waiting room and planted out summer bedding, some of which the slugs managed to demolish. She reminded people that we still provide daffodil bulbs for those who wished to plant along their verges outside their home and we are happy to deliver them to you if you contact any committee member during the next few weeks.

The alterations to the landscaping of the Victory Hall garden is still on hold as we are not sure if there will be any changes to the entrance and exit areas as yet, although we did a huge tidy up last spring and during the summer Eileen Toon and Ken Davies spent a day working on the garden. Many thanks to Eileen and Ken.

She thanked those 5 families who were kind enough to open their gardens to the public this year also to those who baked for the occasion. The weather was wonderful and we already have plans for another Open Day next year.

An autumn walk isn't being arranged this year but there will be a spring walk in 2008, also a trip to Erdigg Hall in May. If members are interested in this trip perhaps you would contact a committee member.

Our next event is the Quiz Night on November 24th at the Cricket Club, the tickets are 10 including the usual food and we hope you will support us.

The Chairman concluded by thanking the committee members and parishioners for all their support, hard work and time during the year and for striving to make Mobberley a better place to live.


Copies of the accounts were handed out at the meeting. The treasurer explained that, unlike his predecessor, David Redclift, he is not very experienced with computer programs and has had to use a simple Word document to produce the accounts.

He proceeded to expound on the various items in the accounts.  He pointed out that last year the AGM made a loss on refreshments, as donations had not covered the increased cost of the wine. The Committee had discussed this during the year and decided just to provide tea, coffee and nibbles as people could purchase other drinks at the Memorial Club bar.

The current account still held the balance payment of 2000, which would be paid out via the Parish Council when the Cheshire Railings contract had been completed satisfactorily.

One of Gary's first actions as treasurer was to open a higher rate deposit account with the Royal Bank of Scotland. It took until June this year to finally set up with a 2.5% rate and since June the account has earned 58 interest, which is considerably better than the previous 0.5% interest.

Year end balances on 1st October 2007 were: 

High Interest RBS Deposit   7712.07

Current Account     2541.22

TOTAL  10253.22

Plus cash in reserve  50.00

Overall change of balance for the year, increase of 2013.33

The accounts were: Proposed by Jamie Macrae, Seconded by Andrew Spark


Nominations were asked for and the following nominees agreed to stand again

Sue Alboutany - Chairman

Gary Baron - Treasurer

Annette Spark - Secretary

Proposed by Jamie Macrae, Seconded by Barbara Cooper that the nominees be elected en-block. This was approved by the meeting.


The nominations for committee members were given as follows:

Penny Braham, Barbara Cooper, Rick Ellison, Jamie Macrae, Christopher Mitchell, Terry Mitchell, David Redclift, Fiona Redclift.

Proposed by Bridget Knight, Seconded by Brian Falder that the nominees be elected en-block. This was approved by the meeting.


The committee had concluded during the year that subscriptions should be raised to 10 per household. As people had already begun paying 5 subscriptions for the year 2007-8 this would have to start for the year 2008-9. On the proposal being put to the meeting, the increase was approved with effect from 1st October 2008.


a. Quaker Graveyard
Patrick McKenzie asked whether the MVS would be prepared to take on the task of preserving this interesting and historical site for Mobberley. At the moment it is completely overgrown but if it could be renovated it could be posted on the internet and should
attract visitors from around the world, particularly Quakers. The Chairman asked Mr. McKenzie if he could find out more details such as what the owner would allow us to do and prepare a report for the MVS committee to consider.

b. Parish Plan
Gary Baron gave the meeting an update on what had happened during the year since he had first explained the concept of the parish plan to the Village Society. The people who had volunteered to become involved had held their inaugural meeting in March 2007. They had endeavoured to have a presence at any event held in Mobberley to increase people's awareness of the importance of producing this plan. They had posters and leaflets available at the Open Garden Day and attended every Farmers' Market at the Victory Hall to explain the concept to visitors and the parish council had granted 250 for printing of leaflets etc. They applied for a starter grant of 250 from Cheshire Community Council, which has enabled them to apply for 3000 to produce the actual plan.

For information, examples of other completed parish plans had been placed at the back of the hall.

On the 8th November an open parish meeting will be held in the Rajar Building with representatives of Cheshire Community Council in attendance. He stressed the importance of a very good turnout to demonstrate to the Community Council that the whole community is behind the plan and he pleaded with those present to attend the meeting and to bring friends along. Parish plans are to be produced by representatives of the community, not parish councillors and 8 out of 10 people on the Mobberley committee are non-council members. Gary wished to thank those who were helping with this project and to stress that it is vital to continue with their help and commitment.

c. Mobberley Memorial Club

Jean Oldfield explained the predicament of the Memorial Club following the rejection of their request for funding by the National lottery. Apparently all funds for large grants are at the moment going towards the British Olympics and they need the help of the community. The Memorial Club want it to be there for the use of the whole community. Bill Leech has given them a field, which they want to make into a children's playground so that when their parents are using the Memorial Hall the children will be active and safe from traffic.

They are seeking volunteers, not money, and support for events, for instance the farmers market is not being supported very well.

Cindy Cottrill said that in Goostrey, where her grandchildren live, they had an enviable playground complex, which the whole village had been involved in creating.

The chairman asked Mrs Oldfield to put their plans down on paper and we can discuss how we may be able to assist at our next committee meeting in November.

Jamie Macrae commented that this highlighted the objectives of the parish plan: once the community priorities are identified then additional funding can kick in and the Memorial Club could become a community project with backing from a variety of sources.

The meeting was closed and, following the serving of refreshments, the speaker, Mr. Mike Redfern, was introduced and made a fully illustrated presentation on “the Water Powered Corn Mills of Cheshire” with particular emphasis on Mobberley and neighbouring villages.


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