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 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 23rd October 2009 at The Rajar Building.

1. APOLOGIES: Denise Bloor, Liz & Martin Bridgford, Penny Braham, Lady Sandra
Carlisle, Jill & Peter Chapman, Judy Drake, Julie & Mike Drury, Michael & Chris Franks Bridget Knight, Jamie Macrae, Mr & Mrs William Macrae, Alison & Lorenzo Ordonez, Fiona & David Redclift. Maria Shepherd, Sue Smith and Eileen Toon.
There were 42 people present.

After the apologies were read out the meeting were informed of the very recent death of Mr Michael Franks. Our sympathies go to his family.

2. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS A.G.M. held on the 23rd October 2008 were accepted as a correct record of the proceedings. The minutes were Proposed by Barbara Cooper, Seconded by Cindy Cottrill.

The chairman began by reporting that we are still keeping the railway station tidy and daffodil bulbs have been planted around the car park area. The quiz night was successful last year so this year it is again at the Cricket Club on Saturday. 21st November. The date for the Open Garden Day is already fixed as Sunday 20 June. 2010. The Village Society cannot thank all owners who open their gardens enough for their hard work and as this year was again a great success.
Earlier in the year we had a request from Matt Wheeler. Curator of the Salt Museum (since renamed as
Weaver Hall Museum ed.) at Northwich, for any information we might have about George Mallory as he was trying to prepare an exhibition about Mallory and Irvine. Rick Ellison, Terry Mitchell and Sue Alboutany met him a couple of times and escorted him to the various places around the village that were relevant to Mallory and Rick allowed him to borrow the photographs he has of George Mallory and Newton Hall. Last month we were invited to a preview evening of the exhibition, which was fascinating. The exhibition is on until 8th November and is certainly worth a visit. Sue Alboutany said she had asked if we could borrow the exhibition to show here at the Rajar Building and he agreed to this and offered to give a talk on the subject and bring along a film show. He does not. however, think he can bring Mallory" s clothing and personal items found on Everest, as they have to be kept in temperature controlled glass units. She also confirmed that we are still going ahead with a Mallory Memorial which will probably be sited on the Town Lane land and that we are hopeful that Mallory's granddaughter will unveil the memorial.
With the money we continue to raise from the Quiz Night and Open Garden Day we thought, with your approval, that tree carvings at various landmarks around the village could be provided and we have been having discussions with Tim Burgess a local tree sculptor, to this end.
Before closing Sue then thanked the committee members for their support, hard work and time during the year.

Copies of the accounts were handed out at the meeting. The Treasurer pointed out that 18 months ago  we were receiving 50 per quarter interest on an 11000 account this has dwindled to virtually zero but he has negotiated a business saving account with 1.05% interest and he is waiting to transfer about 5000 to this, keeping 7000 readily available for immediate use. He referred to the item (160 Station Garden) and explained that the Parish Plan required the parish to show commitment by raising 300 from individuals to contribute to costs. He had managed to raise some at the Rose Queen festival but to obtain the balance had offered his gardening services at the station at 10 per hour, which he had donated towards the 300.
The Quiz Night cost more to run at the Cricket Club but is still a worthwhile.Open Garden Day programme sales were down this year but the overall figures were increased because of the wonderful teas provided at Higher Dam Head Farm.
This year the total income is 3360.29, expenditure is 1331.25 therefore we are in credit to the sum of approximately 2000.
He explained that we had more money overall than anticipated because we had not been required to pay our share of the replacement Cheshire railings at the junction of Smith Lane and Broadoak Lane, nor had we paid for the maintenance of the hanging baskets as the Council had failed to maintain them.
It was noticed that there was no Christmas tree outside the Rajar Building last year and MVS has agreed to provide a 10' to 12' rootless tree plus suitable lights this year. Next year the Parish Council hope to provide a permanent rooted tree.
Other projects on our list are planting a hedge along Town Lane at the junction of Mill Lane to replace unsightly concrete pillars. We have also agreed to part finance a book on the history of scouting in Mobberley. which has been produced by Viv Pike. There is also the expense of paying for the tree carvings.
Last year the members voted to increase the household subscription to 10 but during the year various discussions have been held with a view to asking the members at this AGM whether it would be fairer, in this economic climate, to have a 5 subscription for single person households. Jim Shepherd said that on the Electoral Role it showed about 80 single person households in Mobberley. A vote was asked for and it was agreed to a 5 single person household, although they could of course pay 10 if they wished.

Nominations were asked for and the following nominees agreed to stand again
Sue Alboutany         Chairman

Gary Baron              Treasurer

Annette Spark         Secretary
Proposed by Barbara Cooper, Seconded by Ann Milling that the nominees be elected en-block. This was approved by the meeting.

The chairman was sorry to report that Fiona Redclift and Jamie Macrae have resigned as committee members. We are not losing them completely as they have both offered to help us in any way they can in the future. Philippa Mort and Pam Record have kindly agreed to join the committee. Before asking for the election of committee members the chairman asked if anyone else would join the committee and Ann Milling volunteered. The nominations for committee members were given as follows:
Penny Braham,  Barbara Cooper, Rick Ellison, Ann Milling, Christopher Mitchell, Terry Mitchell. Phillippa Mort. Pam Record.
Proposed by Cindy Cottrill, Seconded by Andrew Spark that the nominees be elected en-block. This was approved by the meeting.

Subscriptions had already been discussed and voted on during the Treasurer's report.

a. Maps
Roger Gittins asked if we know that there are now updated maps of Mobberley available. He believes they are produced by Cheshire East Council. The secretary agreed to find out how we can obtain these maps and let members know.

b. Old Films of Mobberley events
Mr Gittins also enquired whether MVS had managed to trace cine films that Les Goostrey was believed to have of historical Rose Queen events in Mobberley so that MVS could have them converted to DVD. Terry Mitchell answered that Joan Goostrey has found some but others could have been destroyed as they had a flood in the cellar. Joyce Venables had a film from 1937 of her parents wedding which features older inhabitants of the village. There is also film of Marjory Goostrey as a child skipping down Town Lane on the coronation day of George VI and the planting of a tree on the Smith Lane/Town Lane junction to commemorate the coronation. The MVS have also agreed to contribute to these being converted.

c. MVS Website
Mr Gittins also mentioned that there had been no movement on the website for 3 years, it was supposed to be updated
but Chris Mitchell had not contacted him. He pointed out that the chairman's report, given this evening, could all have been posted on the website just after a decision had been made members could keep abreast of activities. The chairman promised to contact Mr Gittins and put an item about the website in the Parish News letter.

d. Thanks
Alistair McCleod expressed his appreciation for the work MVS have put into maintaining the railway station gardens.

e. Quakers Graveyard
Patrick McKenzie is keeping in contact with John Davis, the owner of the graveyard and his son. They are sympathetic to our intention and will give careful consideration but no time limit has been set.

f. Daffodil Bulbs
Sue Alboutanay said that, as usual, MVS were providing free daffodil bulbs for planting on verges. She had brought some to the meeting, should anyone want some.

The meeting was closed and Tim Burgess was invited to begin his talk on tree carving.


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