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Since his first manuscript in 1909, Stephen Murray continued to work on his history of Mobberley and finally produced his 1946-1948 manuscript “Mobberley Records”. 1946-manuscript_IMGP3459
On his death his widow
presented it to Altrincham Library and later it was transferred to Sale Local Studies Library where it now resides. Being a “one off” unique and special item it has been copied for general use and the original archived, but is available to view by giving 24 hours notice.
Much of what follows is taken from the
copy and colour images from the original.





The picture below is by kind permission of David Gilligan, editor of
North Cheshire Family Historian. MurrayMSS_1946x300

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Mobberley Records: 1946-48

By Stephen Murray (19/2/1873-18?19/7/1954)