Mobberley Parish Plan


In November 2002 the government of the day introduced a white paper entitled
Our Countryside: the future
A fair deal for rural England

Click on the above link to view a summary of this white paper (pdf format)

In the summary forward, presented by Rt. Hon John Prescott- Deputy Prime Minister and Rt. Hon Nick Brown, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, it was said:
“We want a countryside which can shape its own future, with its voice heard by Government at all levels”. 

Under the heading -We will give rural communities a bigger say in there own affairs- they said --“ Local people are best placed to identify their individual challenges and opportunities to shape their future.”
We will put up funds to help communities develop town and village plans to put to local planning authority.

Plans will set out what people want their communities to be like: how housing should be built; what features should be preserved; what design is in keeping with the character of an area.

Much has happened in the intervening period; MAFF (Ministry for Food and Fishery) has been superseded by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and much of the web based information, while still available, has been superseded. See links.
Now it appears more straight forward to consult with Cheshire Community Council.

To this end Mobberley Parish Council called a special meeting at the end of 2006 where those present generally agreed that a plan was required.
inaugural meeting, of those people prepared to form a committee, was held on
26th March, 2007.
It must be noted that Parish Plans are to be produced by community inhabitants and not be led by the Parish Council.       





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