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Revision: 31/12/04

Old Hall: Old view

Old Hall: from Hall Bank wood

Old Hall

Old Hall

Mobberley Old Hall
 The Hall stands within extensive grounds in Hall Lane and was formerly one of the homes of the Leycesters of Toft. The house had its beginnings in 1612 as a farm labourerís cottage, then as a farm, which was subsequently extended to form the present mullioned windowed Jacobean dwelling. The house was completed by 1676.

The date 1686, inset in stone on the magnificent old barn, indicates that the distinctive and numerous outbuildings were completed by this later date.

Surrounded by a moat to the rear and a fine yew hedge along the roadside, the Hall is a Grade II Star listed building, and successive occupants have taken care to preserve its original features

Victory Hall: Historical view

Victory Hall: Recent (2003) view

 Victory Hall

 Secretary: Mrs Helen King  - 01565 872098

The Victory Hall was built in 1921 and refurbished in 1992. It is administered for the Community by  a Committee which includes representatives from all village organisations. It is very much the centre of Village activities and the meeting place for most organisations. There are two rooms which are available for hire for special occasions, social, educational and leisure activities.

 Village Society

 Secretary: Annette Spark -  01565 872588

 E-Mail: Annette@ricajake.freeserve.co.uk

The Mobberley Village Society was established to encourage and focus interest within the Parish,  with the aims of preserving the best of its inheritance, whilst seeking to promote the improvements that will enable it to maintain its economic and social viability.

The Society is currently seeking sources of historical information about the Parish, and especially of the twentieth century, with a view to producing a new publication. Anyone who can contribute to this exercise should contact Terry Mitchell on 01565 873738 or email on TMM@Tinyworld.co.uk.

To assist villagers and visitors the MVC has commissioned, from the Ordnance Survey, a single map covering the whole Parish. This is for sale at £5.00 a copy.

Membership is open to all those with an interest in Mobberley, past, present and future. The current annual subscription is £5.00 per family: to join or renew your subscription, or for further information, please contact the Secretary.

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